Friday, May 1, 2009

True Wealth is Knowledge

If we seek for knowledge, the knowledge will take care of us.
If we seek for wealth, we will have to take care of it.

Many times when it comes to money making program, we are very enthusiastic about it. We would go all out in search of wealth. We can talk about business day and night without getting bored. When we go to sleep we’ll think of ways to make more money. Reason being, we dream of buying a bigger house, bigger car or going for our next holiday trip or simply to live life more luxuriously.

Yes, we would also say, “If I make more money, I would donate some.” Think about it, the “some” we mention here, how many percent of the profit do we actually give out for the cause of God? 10%?? 20%?? 50%?? How many percent of our salary do we spend in the path of God??

A man who earns $1000 a month and spends $500 in the path of God is not equal to a man who earns $5000 a month and spends $1000 in the path of God. The sum may appear greater in value but the percentage of the individual’s contribution is a vast difference.

We are in denial. In the name of comfort, materials, luxury and status have made us not seek knowledge but wealth!
When we make more money, we buy a bigger house and time is taken away as we are now busy maintaining our bigger house. Employ a helper to clean the house? We have to look for even more money then!
When we make more money, we buy a car and again time is taken away as now we want to keep our car clean and shiny!
When we make more money, we now look for investment plans instead of knowledge!

Just look at how wealth has deceived us from seeking knowledge. Knowledge from the Lord, the Quran. And when we lose the wealth we have gained, we’ll be in the state of despair.

Wealth is an adornment in this life. Let’s not get too carried away with it. Seek wealth as a mean of survival to worship God and seek knowledge to know how to worship God.

True wealth is knowledge and let’s remember, if we seek for knowledge, the knowledge will take care of us.
If we seek for wealth, we will have to take care of it.

May God grant us Guidance by us making effort to come back to the Book of Truth.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Did God tell us to read?

Read! In the Name of your Lord Who has created (all that exists). (96:1)

Do you know that this was the first verse God revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

With this one verse, many lessons can be derived. Muhammad (peace be upon him) was an illiterate and yet God wanted him to read. And all praises be with God, with His will, Muhammad learned to read.

Now, all of us were born illiterate, not till we were sent to school to learn. Having acquired the knowledge to read, we have climbed the technological ladder very quickly and with many new inventions, our life is way more comfortable than how it used to be before. Many scientific discoveries were also made after researching, recording and READing past records from previous scientist.

Like Muhammad, we were all illiterate. However, have we climbed and learned about God like how we did it for school? Did we even bother to read about God like how we are so bothered to get a diploma or a degree or a doctorate knowing that with these levels of education, it will benefit us in this world?

Many times when it comes to reading the Book of Guidance which God had sent down as a form of His Mercy, we put it aside and choose to read magazines, novels, daily newspapers and etc. Some of us are even too afraid to read the Book God had sent down and choose to read other books written by religious scholars instead.

Of course there may be no harm in reading anything but it can never be better than the Book God had sent down to us. Let’s pray to God seeking from Him guidance and giving us the strength to read His Book and giving us the knowledge and understanding of His Book of Guidance.

Friday, March 27, 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

All praises be to God, it is He Who created for us all that is on earth. Including these tools, computer, internet, blogging and etc. May He gives us guidance in fully utilizing everything He had created for us.

I was contemplating on blogging and getting a facebook account. Why? Because it can be for good or it could lead to evil doings or rather sinning. I was told, "Dude, it's just a facebook account! Do you even need to pray for guidance for that?"

Now, before i answer that, let me ask you about other things. Alcohol, can it be good or evil? It is good when man uses it as antiseptic or mixes it with perfume. But it’s harmful or evil when man consumes it.

A knife? When man uses a knife to slaughter animals for food or as simple as cutting fruits, that’s making good use of the tool. But, when man starts to kill one another without just dealing and justification, it’s evil!

So now, let's ask ourselves, be it facebook account or blogging or use of internet, how many times have we chose it over the Book of Guidance? How have these tools stole our time? When a friend ask us out for religious classes or talk about God, we'll say we're tired or we're busy or we got something on later. Well, when it comes to updating of facebook profile, blogging or reading materials that would benefit us in this worldly life, suddenly, we've got the energy, we've got the time and we even make the effort for it.

We are just not giving the right amount of time to the world we are all heading to and best of all, its eternity. We are so infatuated and deceived by a world that we are all going leave when the time comes. That is when death overtakes us and it will sure do one day.

May God guide and show us to the straight path, the path on whom He had bestowed His Grace upon, neither the path of those who earned His Anger nor those who went astray.